Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. Where can I find out what programs are going on in the parks?
  • Q: Are there games or sports equipment available?
  • Q: How do I reserve the volleyball or basketball courts or a ball field?
  • Q: Where can I smoke in the parks?
  • Q: Where can I bring my dog?
  • Q: Are picnics allowed on the lawn?
  • Q: How can I report a dangerous or suspicious activity?
  • Q: Where can I bike, skateboard, or rollerblade?
  • Q: Can I barbecue in the parks?
  • Q: Where is the best spot for viewing the Statue of Liberty?
  • Q: When do the water play features get turned on?
  • Q: Where are the playgrounds?
  • Q: Why shouldn't we feed the wildlife?
  • Q: How do I found out more about a particular plant?
  • Q: How are the plants managed and maintained?
  • Q: How do I find out about job opportunities?
  • Q: How can I volunteer?
  • Q: Who can use the community garden?
  • Q: Is children's gardening available?
  • Q: Is there a lost and found?
  • Q: Where can I sign up for your mailing list?
  • Q: Why are there hard surfaces in the dog runs?
  • Q: Where are the public restrooms?
  • Q: Where can I find food or restaurants near the parks?
Visit the Events Section of our website or the Battery Park City Parks Conservancy Facebook Page for up-to-date information on the many programs offered by the Battery Park City Parks Conservancy. Free Program calendars are also available. Just write to us at info@bpcparks.org or visit our office at 75 Battery Place, New York, NY 10280.

 A: The Parkhouse at Rockefeller Park loans out sports equipment for basketball, ping-pong, or billiards as well board games, pre-school toys, books and much more! The Parkhouse is open 11:30am to 6:30pm each day May through October.  

A: The group sports areas are available to the general public on a first come first served basis. Permits are required to reserve the volleyball court or the ball fields and more information can be found at our permits page [link]. Organized leagues, corporate groups, camps and groups with over twenty people are required to have a permit for the ball fields or volleyball court. Outdoor basketball courts are not available for reservation, but indoor basketball courts can be reserved at the Community Center at Stuyvesant High School. Please contact us at (646) 210-4292 or communitycenter@bpcparks.org for rates and availability.

A: For the health of all park visitors, smoking is not permitted in any NYC Parks per the New York City Smoke Free Air Act.

 A: In order to ensure the parks are kept beautiful and clean for everyone, some of the parks and all lawns are designated “Dog Free.” Signs are posted throughout the parks. There are three dog-runs in Battery Park City located in North End Avenue, Kowsky Plaza, and just south of West Thames Street.

A: Individual park visitors may enjoy food in the parks and on the lawns, and the parks are a popular picnic destination for many New Yorkers. Glass containers and food heating equipment are not allowed and no alcoholic beverages of any kind are permitted. Picnics for groups of twenty or more people require a permit for picnics and full information can be found on our Permits page.

A:  For all emergencies please call 911.

A: Skateboards, bikes and rollerblades are allowed on the paths of most parks and on the lower portion of the Esplanade. As these are not a commuter area, everyone is asked to ride/skate at a safe speed and be aware of pedestrians. Trick riding, stunts or other reckless uses are not permitted.

A: Barbecues, open fires or any type of food-heating are not permitted in Battery Park City’s parks.

A: Beautiful views of the Hudson River and Upper Harbor, including Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty can be found on top of the Pavilion in Wagner Park and along the Esplanade.

A: Water play features for the playgrounds at Kowsky Plaza, Rockefeller Park, West Thames Park and Teardrop Park are designed to be available during appropriate weather from May through September, usually 10am to 8pm.

A:Battery Park City Parks Conservancy operates playgrounds at West Thames Park, Kowsky Plaza, Rockefeller Park, and Teardrop Park. Each of our playgrounds feature water play, sand play and creatively designed equipment to engage children. For full playground information and rules see Rules. Other parks, such as South Cove and Wagner Park are not traditional playgrounds, but offer nice places for children to play and explore.  

A: Not only is human food unhealthy for wild animals, but feeding wild animals attracts rats and other vermin to the parks. Additionally, overfeeding causes animal populations to grow too large overwhelming the environment and actually damaging the parks.

A: Visit our Plant List to learn about the different plants our expert horticulturalists have selected for Battery Park City’s Parks. Be sure to check the What’s Bloom List for up-to-date information on what to see, in bloom, in the parks.

 A: Battery Park City Parks Conservancy’s Horticulture Department has been on the forefront of sustainable public horticulture and land management practices since 1988.  For full information about sustainable, non-toxic horticulture, visit our Sustainability Page

A: Go to our Employment Opportunities page to search available positions and find out how to apply.

A: Go to our Volunteers page for information on how you can help keep Battery Park City’s parks verdant and beautiful.

A: Contact info@bpcparks.org. Your information will be passed to the Community Garden organizers. Please be aware there is a waiting list.

A: Young Sprouts is a free drop in program offered from Tuesdays at 3:15pm-3:45pm, May through October and provides 3-5 year-olds, and their caregivers, an introduction to organic gardening. The Gardening Club meets Tuesday from 4-5pm from March through October. 6-10 year-olds can register for two month cycles and discover the fun and rewards of planting watering, weeding and composting. Tuition is required. Full information on all the classes and programs can be found at our Events page.  

A: If you’ve lost something in the parks, call the BPCPC offices at (212) 267-9700.

A: Use of a hard surface allows the dog runs to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. BPCPC cleaning crews wash the dog runs several times a day and disinfect three times each week. A clean dog run will prevent the spread of infectious diseases between dogs and helps to keep the dog runs pleasant for humans as well.

A: Public restrooms are available in Wager Park, in the Solaire Building adjacent to Teardrop Park (across the street from Rockefeller Park), in the Winter Garden at Brookfield Place and at the Battery Park City Ferry Terminal.

A: Please see the Battery Park City Authority’s website for a list of local restaurants and shops.