Fish List

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Fish of Battery Park City

The Hudson River is home to over 150 species of fish. BPCPC’s catch and release programs such as Go Fish! and our Marine Education field trips for NYC schools give people of all ages a chance to learn about the marine life in New York Harbor. BPCPC’s staff and volunteer master anglers have  kept a “life list” of each species caugh.  The list is below.

Visitors and fisherfolk are encouraged to send us photographs and/or details of their own catch.  Please send them to

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Fish List

Paralichthys dentatus

Summer Flounder

Tautogolabrus adspersus


Pomatomus saltatrix

Blue Fish

Sphoeroides maculatus

Northern Puffer

Tautoga onitis


Myoxocephalus octodencemspinosus


Morone americana

White Perch

Morone saxatilis

Striped Bass

Centropristis striata

Black Sea Bass

Calamus leucosteus

Whitebone Porgy

Opsanus Tau

Oyster Toad Fish