The staffs of the Battery Park City Parks Conservancy and the Battery Park City Authority fondly remember Maintenance Foreperson Gary Satriano who passed away on October 25th after a long battle with cancer.

Gary began working at the BPC Parks Conservancy in 1998 as a plumber. Within three years Gary was promoted to Foreperson of the Maintenance Department. He was one of the employees involved in managing the clean-up of Battery Park City after the World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001. Throughout his tenure, Gary was a critical person in the maintenance of Battery Park City’s world class parks and open spaces. He took great pride in his work and his staff.

Gary wore his heart on his sleeve. He openly expressed the way he felt about a situation. He was known for standing up for what he believed to be the right thing. He was often the first to raise an issue of concern to all staff and always believed in safety first. He gave unselfishly to his co-workers at BPCPC and thoroughly enjoyed the mentoring role he took on with younger people. He was passionate to the end about his work at the Battery Park City Parks Conservancy.

A passionate outdoorsman, Gary loved any opportunity to be outside. During breaks at work he would make music with other staff members, playing his guitar. He is survived by his beloved family: his wife Lori and his four children; Nick, Dayna, Jaclyn, and Brianna. Gary will be sorely missed by everyone at the BPC Parks Conservancy and BPCA.