Who We Are


Who We Are

Battery Park City extends for over a mile along the Hudson River, from Chambers Street South to the Battery in Lower Manhattan.  The master plan adopted by The Board of Directors of the Hugh L. Carey Battery Park City Authority (BPCA), a state public benefit corporation, allocated 30% of the Battery Park City land, approximately 32 acres, to open space.  Over time that amount has grown to 36 acres of public space.  BPCA and its affiliate BPCPC have created a carefully planned sequence of parks and gardens, each with its own identity and style, linked by an open, beautifully landscaped pedestrian Esplanade.  BPCPC, a non-profit organization, manages and operates the parks of Battery Park City on behalf of BPCA.  Our permanent staff includes gardeners, maintenance personnel, public events planners, art and environmental educators, and administrators.  We are supported entirely by Battery Park City residents, commercial and residential developers, the BPCA, and private contributions.

The Battery Park City Parks Conservancy is a private not-for-profit corporation created by the Battery Park City Authority in 1987 to manage, maintain, operate and program the parks and open spaces of Battery Park City. BPCPC’s mandate is to manage the parks for the enjoyment of the public and to do so in a world class manner.  In addition, the Board of Directors has supported the efforts of the staff to prove that world class maintenance can be done in a sustainable, or green, manner.

World class park maintenance is an important part of the Battery Park City Authority’s mission to develop real estate for the benefit of the people of New York State.  The Authority’s founders chose to develop parks before the surrounding buildings.  The theory was that by creating great parks first, they would stimulate real estate sales next.  This has been proven to help to make Battery Park City successful.

BPCPC is responsible for all normal parks operations ranging from trash removal to lighting maintenance, from tree pruning to education. BPCPC is unique among peers because our organization has been pursuing knowledge and gaining experience in sustainable maintenance techniques for twenty years. We have been continuously searching for the next “green” solution.  During the past two decades we have asked the staff to participate in our grand experiment.  It is the firm belief of management that each and every person on staff has ideas and theories to share that will improve our collective performance.

BPCPC believes that developing an environmental consciousness is an important public mission, both for individual park users as well as for the organization.  We ask staff and the public to think environmentally before they act.  We carry our vision through to reality through our electric vehicles, our office recycling and composting programs, our non-toxic pest control programs, and other practices.


Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor, State of New York

George J. Tsunis
Chairman of the Board

B. J. Jones
President & Chief Executive Officer

Donald Capoccia
Vice Chair

Lester Petracca

Louis J. Bevilacqua

Catherine McVay Hughes

Martha J. Gallo

Anthony Kendall


BPC Parks Tax Returns

BPC Parks Tax Returns are accessible here.